Monday, 8 December 2008

08/12/08: When it all goes wrong

This year has been a whirlwind for my family in many ways. Our 20 year tradition of putting our tree up on the 1st December is well and truly out the window...for the 2nd year! A new tradition? Possibly!
However, as today was the day we got it all together and decided we are dropping everything just to put up our crumbled as quick as it started!
Laying out the pieces I find that somewhere, somehow I do not have the top to the 7' beast. There's only two places it could have been, shed 1 or shed 2...but can find.
Darn and Blast!
What now? Well my 12 yr old daughter and I sat on the floor literally scratching our heads when my 4 yr old came in and said:

"Its ok mum, Jesus will tell Santa where the tree should be so he knows where to leave my toys!"


Plan B for tree: Eeerrrrrr.........!!!


Long Delay

Apologies to those who were following this blog, I managed to have what should have been simple issues with the password! Thankfully all is fixed now, thanks to the nice Mr Google Password Man!

Moments will resume again in the next day or so.


Saturday, 8 November 2008

08/11/08: Something Simple

Late again but thats ok, I have too many moments to want to rush through them. I feel like I am looking through different eyes, at things I forgot to see, right there in front of me and its a wonderful feeling.
Yesterdays moment that I want to share is one with Lucas, a cute little 7 year old family member. Lucas is full of life, mentally and physically active and just an all round fun loving little man. We got on from the first time we met (which sadly was only a few months ago). This weekend he is here with us, and while chilling out in my dining/craft room his magpie eyes found my fineliner pens, being himself he began another talkathon but while he gave me this very flambouyant talk on how cool they are in comparison to gel pens he leaned against me, put his arm round my neck and talked right into my eyes.
Do you know what that does to a person, having a child look directly at you, talking to you, sharing their thoughts, opinions and likes, knowing you are going to listen to them? It makes me melt each time. Upstairs was chaos as we were trying to put some bunk beds up and cook a traditional english breakfast (at 12pm!!) but this few minutes was unrushed, unexpected and totally priceless. Kids rock!!

What moments have you had? No moment is too small if it reminds you how special you are, tells someone how important they are or simply makes you stop for the moment to be thankful for what is around you.


Friday, 7 November 2008

7/11/08: Unexpected

I am a big user on Freecycle in my area. Frequently I see Wanted requests for things that I know I can help with so I'll drop them a line and make my offer. Sometimes they have received what they want and sometimes not. However, I love that inner feeling of knowing that I am helping in some way, decluttering my home (and lets face it, we're all gonna cheer for one less thing to dust or put away eh?!). A few weeks ago I answered a request from a Mum who was looking for some craft stuff for her young daughter just starting out. Being the craft stash hoarder that I am and believing in scrapbooking/crafts as much as I do towards quality of life I quickly made my offer. A few days later I met the young lady who was so grateful for what I had put together. I felt so blessed to make a little girl happy!
Thats not the end of it! Here I was last weekend just sat at my desk, stressing over my Christmas Calendar Project (which is seriously late at being uploaded to my site!) my daughter came in and presented me with this:

A little thank you gift that came through my door from the little girl who was so grateful for what I gave her. I know this family are relatively local but I also know they came out here especially to drop this off to me (her Mum had written me a note too) and to me that is just priceless. To go out of your way for something, for someone, even way after the event is so serving and generous. What strikes me though is the desire of this girls heart and the kind of parents she has. The heart and tag are sitting proudly on my desk, I look at it regularly and remember this girl, just a little younger than Kirsten but she was so, so grateful for the shoe box of goodies. Yet I wouldn't have used them, not really. This deserved a mention today, cos today my son (19) has gone out of his way for someone just because he knew it was the right thing to do. Pride is not always a bad thing!! :)


Thursday, 6 November 2008

06/11/08: Chosen Moments

Today I have actively chosen to take a moment out of our regular goings on and just 'enjoy the moment' without thinking or planning the rest of what needs to be done around me. As its just Charley and I at home this week I find we have lots of little cuddles more so than usual, we read books together, talk more over dinner and spend more time jokingly teasing each other. These moments are priceless. This morning we started our day off having a very bubbly bubble bath with LOTS of toys, very loud {and awful on my part} singing as well as splash contests!
No rules.
Oh, I rephrase that, there was 1 rule.
Fun Only!!
And that we did, for a good 40 minutes when someone knocked the door! The moment disappeard then as he decided to get out and go play with his Cars the Movie toys but that was ok, I had a fantastic time and i'm sure he did too!
Amazing what a bottle of Mr Matey can do for family time.


5/11/08: A Text Message

A day late but that comes with a good excuse! {Of course!} Yesterday was one of those days when if it could go wrong it know the ones I mean? I wont bore you with the details but lets just say the clock couldn't spin quick enough for the day to end :) However, I did get one moment that made me stop, hold my breath and look a little differently to the not so serious challenges around me.
A simple text message from a very dear and special friend of mine. Simply asking me if we are doing ok and telling me how cool she thinks i'm doing in my life with so much going on and being a single mum.
We all need a little boost now and again dont we? Single mum or not, life isn't easy and just a few little words can heal any disappointment, uncertainty or frustration, especially when give so freely, lovingly and unexpectedly.
Go give someone a boost, whoever it is, whatever they're doing, wherever they are, even if you dont know them....just spread a little love.
I saw this on a blog the other day and I thought I would share it when I have the right post on here, enjoy:

Credit has to go to THIS lady, I have since printed and frame this and put it beside my youngest two children's beds as well as my own!!


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

4/11/08: Dinner Time

Whilst sitting at the dinner table this evening my 4 yr old son and I blessed our food, half way through he touched my hand and said 'Mummy, why are you talking to the plate with your eyes closed?'. What do I say to that?!!!


This isn't the photo from tonight but it kinda fits in with the subject!! Lol

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